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Coaching Packages

The following programs have been developed to help you maximize your growth and experience meaningful results.  Each program includes diagnostic tools to help me get to know you well, homework to make your progress stick, handouts for reference at home, and resources for further development.

Responding to Your Child's Big Emotions

We've all been there: your daughter yells at you or your son is suddenly in tears. Sometimes our children go from zero to giant emotions in a matter of seconds. In this program, I will share a simple and effective model of responding to emotional situations with your child. You will learn strategies that help adults and kids emerge from challenging moments feeling more connected to each other and more capable of handling emotions.

Essential Wellness: Healthy Practices & Stress Management

The field of neuropsychology has revolutionized our understanding of how stress operates and what we can do about it. Research consistently points to several practices as central to preventing and responding to stress:

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude

  • Slow, deep breathing

  • Positive social interaction

  • Laughter

  • Creative Expression

  • Rest

  • Acts of Kindness

  • Journaling

  • Play

  • Time in Nature

Routines & Systems that Keep You from Pulling Your Hair Out

Choose the "pain spots" in your day or week -- the aspects that leave you frazzled or drained. I will walk you through crafting the right routine for you. If you're not sure where to start, my diagnostic will help us!


  1. Mornings (from wake up through out the door, for children and for you!)

  2. Coming home from school

  3. Completing homework

  4. Completing chores (kids)

  5. Evenings (after dinner through bedtime, for children and for you!)



  1. Weekly routine (hey, look at that!)

  2. Cleaning routine 

  3. Exercise routine

  4. Meal routine (meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep)

  5. Spiritual and personal development rhythm (e.g. centering prayer, journaling, reading, etc.)

  6. Seasonal rhythm -- e.g.:

    • getting a handle on the Christmas craziness

    • how to find a rhythm in winter when it’s dark all the time

    • summer routine with kids

    • getting back into a fall routine

Spiritual Development for Children & Families

Sometimes we shy away from cultivating the spiritual lives of our children and families because we're afraid of doing it wrong or we aren't sure how to find the time. This package will help you overcome both of those obstacles. You will:

  1. Identify what is important to you in the arena of spiritual development.

  2. Uncover what has you stuck in this area.

  3. Explore numerous ways to grow this aspect of life.

  4. Try them out at home!

What Our Clients Say

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What My Clients Say

As a small business owner, I've learned that the majority of the roadblocks I encounter are a direct result of my habits, tendencies, and mindset. I pursued coaching in hopes that Amanda could provide me with practical and useful ways to help me climb out of my rut. Amanda honored my natural strengths while graciously teaching me ways I could become more aware of and improve upon the patterns that have been keeping me "stuck." I found her coaching incredibly valuable!


Business Owner, Community Leader, Mother of two

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